FWD boosts people’s curiosity with its new site

To attract new users to the more user-friendly product website.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN helped design a new website and created a lucky draw campaign site for FWD. Users could win prizes by answering simple questions with information they find by exploring the new site. The lucky draw proved a great hook to attract users to the website and engage them while they were online.


A Celebration of Us

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Canon’s EOS 5D series of cameras – and to attract new users to the 5D family to continue the next 10 years of photo exploration.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN helped Canon Hong Kong unify their 5D full-frame camera series with the communication platform “A Decade of Us” – where “Us” is the combination of photographer and camera over the past 10 years. The media channels for our message included OOH, online videos, and a campaign website.

– Campaign Sitecanon_a_decade_of_us_website01

– Canon Pro-Ambassador Sharing Videocanon_a_decade_of_us_website02

Nike+ becomes a girl’s best running companion


KITCHEN helped Nike on their journey to transform female runners into the best runners ever. In cooperation with Ogilvy & Mather Hong Kong, we made a digital hub to provide runner support from race preparation to race day to after the race is over. KITCHEN used interactive technology to complete the whole user interactive flow on race day.


  1. Social Experience – Photo Booth, Social Wall, and instant social photo printing for runners.
    works_nike_nrc_content02 copy
  2. Photo Services – Photo Zone set up on the race course to capture runners’ #betterforit moment.
  3. Personal Welcome – Personal welcome message for runners upon arrival by using RFID technology.
  4. Personal Cheering – Runner’s name with cheering shown on the race course using RFID technology.
  5. Personal Certificate – Real-time results shown on a giant digital certificate by scanning a QR code at the kiosk.
  6. Celebration Video – Every runner can access a personalized celebration video at a personal hub.

Pay anywhere, anytime, with the new JetcoPay

To launch an entirely new P2P cash transfer smartphone app and boost user downloads.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN helped create a key visual for JetcoPay and set up an easy-to-use product website that showed potential users the functions of the new app before they downloaded it. We also created a video to make it easy to understand it all in less than a minute.

– Key Visual

– App Introduction Video

– Product Website


Feel like Durex!

Because customers are often confused about product features and cannot easily recognize them simply by looking at product packaging, we needed a way to differentiate Durex’s “Feeling” range of products.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN created a saying to differentiate product features and benefits with “reduplication” – in Cantonese 港式疊字 – to deliver the key message that “Durex’s ‘Feeling’ range has a product to fit my needs.” We also tried to strengthen the connection between the brand and our customers with a catchy, slightly naughty, tone. The goal was for consumers to remember the difference between the five products so they could make the right choice for themselves.


Way too easy to take pretty usies!

Chic girls love taking usies (pronounce as “us-sies”) and share among friends! Having the innovative “360° Selfie Shutter” design, Canon’s new PowerShot N2 takes the leading role of taking pretty usies in the easiest way ever! Check out the new campaign mini-site at

More than that, the making of is ready for you to feel the day of how we work for the project! Enjoy!

Beauty always blossoms with the frame of mind

Canon PowerShot G7X is the feminine sequel of G1X Mark II, which has enables capturing of conceptual images even in the dark.

The specially designed HTML5 website can bring out G7X’s product features in a highly interactive way. And surely it can engage female users by the attractive images and user experience. Check out the product site at

 PowerShot G7X