Keep your Busy Nightlife Out of Sight with La Mer Eye Concentrate

There is no need to feel guilty about staying up late to enjoy your favorite show or squeeze in some precious me time, but you definitely shouldn’t let your sleep schedule show on your face, especially under the eyes. La Mer has the perfect product for all Night Owls, and Kitchen is dedicated to spreading the news. We invited two bright-eye Goddesses, Gigi Leung and Cecilia So, to share their under-eye skincare tips with La Mer Eye Concentrate. Cecilia even took it a step further by sharing her beloved eye yoga routine in a separate video. Watch them now so you can stop telling the world how little you actually managed to sleep.

“Eyes Feel Bright” Gigi Leung x Cecilia So

Cecilia So「亮眼小教室」

Unleash your Inner Strength with La Mer

Never underestimate how healthy skin can affect your peace of mind. La Mer The Concentrate has always been loved by millions of powerful women to help them achieve flawless skin. Kitchen created 4 videos featuring well-known actress Sarah Song, sports lover & model Inez Leong, photographer & stylist Olivia Tsang, and lifestyle & food blogger Melly Woo. Each woman shared how La Mer The Concentrate does more than just lift their skin, it is also their source of strength for gracefully conquering everyday challenges.

Sarah Song

Inez Leong

Olivia Tsang

Melly Woo

Chat with Wong Ho-yin via Minute Maid Chatbot to Get The Offer You Truly Need

Working with Society Hong Kong to infuse Wong Ho-yin’s personality into Minute Maid’s Chatbot, Kitchen helped created an intelligent program that gave out coupons each recipient truly needed.

Phase 2 of the program featured a lucky draw and stamp collecting system. By scanning the QR code on the Minute Maid bottle, customers could collect stamps and redeem gifts on the Facebook Messenger platform.


Girls, get ready to be crowned with The Perfect Hair by TSUBAKI

Every girl is a goddess. No, we’re not trying to be inspirational, but with perfect hair you can reveal two halos on top of your head! In this case, TSUBAKI Extra Moist series and Damage Care series are your magic potions to attain silky smooth hair in no time. As TSUBAKI’s advertising expert, we created a magical key visual and a dozen stunning images to make sure everyone got the message.

Key Visual
Style Shot
Product Shot

Kitchen Highlights How Senka Mask Series Caters to Different Skin Needs

Get some beauty rest and drink plenty of water; we’re all familiar with this golden rule of beautiful skin. But in real life, not everyone is disciplined enough to follow this rule. Senka understand this struggle and introduced four paper masks to help every weak soul attain beautiful skin. Kitchen developed 4 snappy videos to lay out how each mask can help with different skin needs; a key visual was also created to increase brand recognition.

Key Visual


Social Feature Videos

Social Posts

senka_02 senka_04

Senka Perfect Whip Trio Look After Your Skin Like Loyal Servants

Skincare needs differ depending on the conditions. That’s why Senka created 3 Perfect Whip cleansing foams to meet every need. Kitchen created a series of promotional videos that tells the story of 3 loyal servants and our heroine. Each servant has their own trait that can help the heroine tackle everyday challenges. The campaign ran on digital banners and social media platforms for comprehensive coverage.

Bomba Ad

Campaign Social Video – Blue Version

Campaign Social Video – Pink Version

Campaign Social Video – White Version

Key Visual – Escalator Crown
senka_04 senka_05

Kitchen and Za Work Together to Produce On-point Eyeline Every time

Using an eyeliner can be hard, really hard. You try and try, but for some mysterious reason, it never looks quite right. Well, it doesn’t have to be so difficult! With Za’s new Black Impression Eyeliner, even a beginner can apply it like a pro! Kitchen helped to break down every beginner liner’s nightmares in 3 videos, and showed how they could be resolved with the new Za eyeliner.

Key Visual
Feature Video (IG Format)

Social Posts

JP Beauty campaign rewards the serious hard work of being beautiful

There’s no shame in putting extra effort into improving your skin and appearance, and your effort deserves to be rewarded. That’s why JP Beauty gathered 6 popular Japanese beauty brands and provided shopping rewards and beauty tips to inspire their members. Kitchen also worked hard to ensure the promotion campaign was as beautiful as JP Beauty’s audience. An exquisite visual and video were produced to recruit members and explain how the membership works.

Print Ad – 12 sheet


Recruit Members Video

Print Ad – Escalator Crown

jp_02 jp_03

Style Shot

Campaign Site