KITCHEN goes naked for Canon PowerShot G1X

Canon is no longer just about capturing beautiful moments, it inspires people to find true beauty in all walks of life. Powered by Canon PowerShot G1X, six local heroes from different fields were interviewed to shared their own journey in search of naked beauty.

One of the interviewee, Tse Kit, a renowned music producer in Hong Kong, shared how a journey to Nanning helped him found the spotless beauty from a group of physical disabilities musicians. Quoted from his words: “They reminded me the power of music and how it heals much larger pain than love affairs.”

Other celebrities also exposed their naked mind on how they make a stand in life and finds true beauty within.Read their stories in the website and start your own adventure to naked beauty now.



Branding Transformer’s transformer

How can we elevate an ordinary brand to outstanding player? Introduce Lifestyle Federation, a branding company specialized in transforming brands by adding “Lifestyle” value to them. To demonstrate their panache to their potential clients, the first thing is to make a good branding example of the company itself! In this regard, company website proves an important strategic manoeuver for making a good first impression.

Kitchen has imagined a web page for Lifestyle Federation with catchy and mind-boggling design and intuitive navigation that make a pleasant web surfing experience.