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Live with Provie

Helping FWD launch a new money-saving life insurance product.

Planning and Execution
FWD wants everyone to “enjoy the moment,” which is why it created Provie, a new insurance plan that enables customers to save their money, yet withdraw it anytime, so they can play hard anytime. KITCHEN created a user-friendly responsive site to help potential customers realise the benefits of joining FWD’s Provie.


Close Encounters of the Canon N100 Kind!

What could be more exciting than meeting and making new friends from the far reaches of outer space! To check out how Kitchen helped Jasmine & Owen to shoot a “mockumentary” about such unusual get togethers, simply visit Canon PowerShot N100’s campaign site! Once inside this interactive treasure trove, time is sure to fly as you share the many happy moments lined up in our specially designed ultra-cool “story book”! May the fun be with you when you click onto

Canon N100Canon N100

Kitchen Shows that Beauty Still Shines Out in the Dark!

Until now, dark environments have always been bad news for photographers.

Enabling the capturing of stunning images in even the densest shadows, the Canon G1X Mark II and its powerful specs are about to change all that forever.

Canon G1X Mark II Canon G1X Mark II

In designing a website that showcased the G1X Mark II’s extraordinary capabilities, we created a dark but picturesque design. By taking the risk of displaying such a poetic feeling in a predominantly black layout, we wanted to strengthen the impression that G1X Mark II can shoot beautiful photos in even the murkiest environments.

Like to find out more? Then please visit: and leave your torches at the door!

A Full HD Website For a Full HD Handycam

SONY Handycam TG1. Product placement first seen in interactive suspense movies.

Being the smallest in the market which can capture both Full HD video and still shots, KITCHEN suggests SONY to sell with movies – Full HD movies.

“Handycam users are naturally movie lovers, so why don’t we use movies to sell?”, says Alan Kan, Creative Director for Interactive, KITCHEN.

Everything spins off from a theme line developed by KITCHEN – 「細得可移」, which means “Small enough to move” as well as “Suspiciously small” in Chinese.

Naturally, 3 suspense movies are made with the product features embedded for viewers to experience in an interactive manner.


Lights off.


KITCHEN goes naked for Canon PowerShot G1X

Canon is no longer just about capturing beautiful moments, it inspires people to find true beauty in all walks of life. Powered by Canon PowerShot G1X, six local heroes from different fields were interviewed to shared their own journey in search of naked beauty.

One of the interviewee, Tse Kit, a renowned music producer in Hong Kong, shared how a journey to Nanning helped him found the spotless beauty from a group of physical disabilities musicians. Quoted from his words: “They reminded me the power of music and how it heals much larger pain than love affairs.”

Other celebrities also exposed their naked mind on how they make a stand in life and finds true beauty within.Read their stories in the website and start your own adventure to naked beauty now.