PayPal strikes a blow For friendship with Pacific Coffee!

Are you the kind of person who thinks that the grass on the other person’s hill is always greener and the coffee on the next table is inevitably warmer than your own? If so, you’re sure to  love our new mobile campaign for PayPal’s link up with Pacific Coffee! The chain’s new iPhone app enables customers to use PayPal to buy a Perfect Cup Card via their mobile phones. To spread the message, we created a simple and addictive mobile battle that let users “strike” their friends via iPhone and grab their free coffee offers for themselves! Sorry, no free coffee for losers!



Warning! Kitchen has created this new online shopping platform from scratch for PayPal. From branding, interface & usability design, to  print and web advertising. It is proven to be highly addictive and may cause you to lose sleep trying to catch just one more glimpse of our expert designers’ gorgeous characters and layouts! I UNDERSTAND THE RISK!