Earn your wings as a pilot in the Durex AIR Force

Create an interactive game to demonstrate how Durex AIR is the best gear to help men deliver unforgettable pleasure to their partners.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN has created a through-the-line campaign with TVCs, Outdoor and Online channels. The goal is show men the 5 features of Durex Air using an immersive virtual training course to become a Durex AIR Force pilot. By completing the course, men can master the great five powers of Durex AIR and receive a free trial pack so they can experience the benefits for themselves.


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Campaign Website
The campaign site can be accessed through both desktop and mobile platforms. Videos and all training sections can be played on mobile without opening any pop-up windows, which gives players a sleek, seamless experience.




Print Media



Feel like Durex!

Because customers are often confused about product features and cannot easily recognize them simply by looking at product packaging, we needed a way to differentiate Durex’s “Feeling” range of products.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN created a saying to differentiate product features and benefits with “reduplication” – in Cantonese 港式疊字 – to deliver the key message that “Durex’s ‘Feeling’ range has a product to fit my needs.” We also tried to strengthen the connection between the brand and our customers with a catchy, slightly naughty, tone. The goal was for consumers to remember the difference between the five products so they could make the right choice for themselves.