How #CanonFullFramer Rewrote the History Books!

With the growing popularity of digital cameras such as Canon’s 5D Mark III and Canon 6D, more and more photography fans are catching Full Frame fever!

Anticipating that competition between brands in this area would only intensify, Kitchen urged Canon to take the bold step of trying to “own” the Full Frame category! After all, unlike rival camera makers, Canon has been offering Full Frame cameras for high-end users since the very beginning.

Our strategy involved uniting all Canon Full Frame camera owners on and offline via the launch of a new creative platform called ‘#CanonFullFramer’.

The start of the initiative saw us build a crowd sourcing website whose instagram tagging feature, encouraged #canonfullframers to hashtag their photos and enter a photo competition.

The campaign’s second stage extended the Full Frame experience to all photography fans. All images entered by full-framers tag were subsequently judged by other members or visitors to the site.

Ultimately, more than 46,000 Full Frame photos were submitted and 1,500,000 views were generated, The 1,200 people who became judges eventually cast some 50,000 votes.

Such astonishing numbers not only ensured Canon Full Frame camera owners loved their cameras more, it made even more people want to join them!

The #CanonFullFramer initiative has now become yet another milestone in  the long partnership between Canon and Kitchen. Check the results out for yourself at!

Canon FullFramer Canon FullFramer

Close Encounters of the Canon N100 Kind!

What could be more exciting than meeting and making new friends from the far reaches of outer space! To check out how Kitchen helped Jasmine & Owen to shoot a “mockumentary” about such unusual get togethers, simply visit Canon PowerShot N100’s campaign site! Once inside this interactive treasure trove, time is sure to fly as you share the many happy moments lined up in our specially designed ultra-cool “story book”! May the fun be with you when you click onto

Canon N100Canon N100

Kitchen Shows that Beauty Still Shines Out in the Dark!

Until now, dark environments have always been bad news for photographers.

Enabling the capturing of stunning images in even the densest shadows, the Canon G1X Mark II and its powerful specs are about to change all that forever.

Canon G1X Mark II Canon G1X Mark II

In designing a website that showcased the G1X Mark II’s extraordinary capabilities, we created a dark but picturesque design. By taking the risk of displaying such a poetic feeling in a predominantly black layout, we wanted to strengthen the impression that G1X Mark II can shoot beautiful photos in even the murkiest environments.

Like to find out more? Then please visit: and leave your torches at the door!

Canon Smart Office

Who says printing can’t be as much fun as dancing? It can when you step up to the conductor’s rostrum and make the PIXMA buttons at here dance all night! Be sure to look extra carefully as our designers have filled the site with charming hidden videos!

Delivery service is now available at KITCHEN; hottest PIXMA is ready to serve for 24 hours!

Admire it, turn it, rock it and play with it! Experience the newest PIXMA right away online. Thanks to the AR (Augment Reality) technology, we can now fully experience the newest PIXMA printer simply through a webcam with a piece of paper!

On Kitchen’s newly-launched PIXMA Smart Home page, you can have a totally new online experience. Get you computer and webcam ready, plus a piece of PIXMA print ad or catalog cover acting as the tracker, your 3D PIXMA printer is ready to serve no matter day or night.


Unleash your sense in the Canon EOS System

Imagine you are standing on the top of Alps or going through the Amazon Rainforest. Your target appears and you are about to capture that perfect scene with your EOS camera. Which lens or flash will be your pick?

In KITCHEN newly-created site for Canon EOS professional system, you can unleash your professional photographic sense under 3 extreme situations by customizing your EOS professional gear.

Hold your breath and press the shutter here.


KITCHEN doesn’t just build websites, but apartments, too

It’s often said “books are the gateway to a golden home”, but we believe a Canon Pixma can deliver similarly thought-provoking results.

Using just a PIXMA printer, digital camera and a pack of photo paper, we challenged ourselves to create a totally ‘Smart’ Home made of nothing but Canon products.

After numerous late-night sessions, we finally succeeded! From sofas, bookshelves and carpets right down to our home’s clickable knobs and buttons, everything on our site is totally Canon-made!

Visit our Canon PIXMA site now to see how we can achieve equally magical transformations for your brands!