Where Refreshing Begins.

To create a new brand proposition for Sanya as a new tropical paradise in China through a global social campaign.

Planning and Execution
Using tailor-made creative content strategies, KITCHEN helped create a yearlong, through-the-line branding campaign promoting Sanya as the ideal holiday destination. To build a global image for Sanya, the campaign covered 5 mainstream social media platforms, with 9 content pillars.

Kitchen created Sanya’s new proposition – “Where Refreshing Begins” – and backed it with official images and video clips, a Sanya Ambassador recruitment campaign, and social games and events, to establish Sanya as a top-of-mind tropical paradise for exotic getaways in 2016.

Through-the-line Campaign
1. Miss World 2015 – Engage audience on social media

sanya01 Create an official news channel on Sanya main pages with #missworld2015

sanya04sanya03Instant Feeds during the month

2. Sanya Hearts to Hearts – Ambassador recruitment campaign

sanya_heartstoheatsCreate authentic and interesting user generated contents through the ambassador’s journey

3. Press Events at main cities around the world – Introducing Sanya to world travellers

sanya06Music interactive light balloons for launch usage.
Sanya, China (Jan 2016)
London, England (Mid 2016)
Moscow, Russia (Mid 2016)

4. #whatweseeinsanya Instagram Campaign – Tent card to promote the event to Sanya tourist upon arrival

5. Hashtag Contest for tourists – Making “Sanya” a familiar keyword for tropical lovers


Can an agency be judged by its cover? 4 new designs of business cards just come out hot from KITCHEN.

In a planet overloaded with information, KITCHEN believes business cards are to make unforgettable first impression instead of merely giving out phone numbers and email addresses.

For a place selling ideas, we want to amplify that everything made in KITCHEN is guaranteed fresh. Hence a sets of 4 designs (for each KITCHEN employee) are created as the 2nd episode of food items, namely deep fried crab claw, century egg, egg tart and shrimp dumpling.

Hungry for one?

Branding Transformer’s transformer

How can we elevate an ordinary brand to outstanding player? Introduce Lifestyle Federation, a branding company specialized in transforming brands by adding “Lifestyle” value to them. To demonstrate their panache to their potential clients, the first thing is to make a good branding example of the company itself! In this regard, company website proves an important strategic manoeuver for making a good first impression.

Kitchen has imagined a web page for Lifestyle Federation with catchy and mind-boggling design and intuitive navigation that make a pleasant web surfing experience.