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KITCHEN presents the smallest Canon DSLR camera with the coolest campaign site

Fancy those tiny but powerful gadgets in 007 movies? Thanks to the ever-advancing technology, we are now able to play hero of our own time – EOS 100D, the smallest and lightest silver bullet in Canon’s DSLR digital camera lineup, really does make an entrance. Check out the awesome online presence of EOS 100D powered by Kitchen now.


KITCHEN helps Canon EOS 700D earn more love from fathers & mothers-to-be

Any parents can tell you how fast kids grow up; therefore it’s important to capture all the unique moments of them. This drive to make precious deposits in the memory banks of parents and children comes to fruition in Canon’s quietest DSLR, designed to unobtrusively picture sleeping babies at night.

Click here to see how Kitchen helps Canon’s cupid arrow hit the soft spot of parents with a well-designed campaign site.