KITCHEN is happy to win a Bronze for PCCW at Kam Fan Awards night.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To the honourable judges from around the world and of course our beloved client, PCCW.

Being the “Oscar of Advertising”, winning anything from Kam Fan Awards this year is extremely tough.

In the “Best Online Advertising” category, there were hundreds of entries from all over Hong Kong and Mainland China, yet only 2 entries were awarded.

And KITCHEN is luckily to be one of the two winners.

It’s a banner ad done for PCCW, to demonstrate the omnipresence of its Everywhere wireless broadband service.

Contrary to the “typical” solution, 5 banners, instead of one, were bought. Viewers were asked to drag the user featured in the ad among the 5 places to experience the “Everywhere” coverage of the service.

For details of this ad, please refer to KITCHEN’s previous post on 5 May, 2008.

Should there be anything come close to the speed of PCCW Wireless connection, it should probably be KITCHEN’s efficiency.

They made it for so many times, and they’ve made it once again.

We’re talking about KITCHEN’s almost surreal efficiency.

It’s a decision using “Doors at will” with local artists getting in-and-out to demonstrate PCCW Wireless connections are everywhere when KITCHEN is sought to help, the challenge is Time, an element one can’t ask for more from celebrities.


Yet KITCHEN never settles for inferior work quality because of lack of time.

Instead , KITCHEN makes the best use of it shooting 2 blue screen videos for the website. With its own post-production techniques to key the images shot against various virtual reality backgrounds, the whole approach shows users that they can basically get online everywhere with PCCW Wireless service in an entertaining manner.

On top of building websites, KITCHEN develops 2 interactive game banner ads for audience to interact with their idols. Both are memory games wrapped up by a unified ad message – “You don’t need to remember where you can get online now, ‘coz you can simply get online everywhere with PCCW Wireless.”


Just another solid proof to show that KITCHEN never cuts corners. Even facing tight deadlines.

KITCHEN’s multiple-choice solution makes PCCW Wireless a wise choice

Engaging audience with situational riddles, in a hilarious way.

Riding on PCCW Wireless above-the-line promotion, KITCHEN comes up with an interactive banner ad campaign, to further enhance the benefit of its quadruple wireless internet connection platform – i.e. netvigator Home Wireless service, PCCW WiFi hotspots, netvigator Everywhere, and PCCW Mobile.

With the declining click-through-rate of PCCW’s banners in recent years, KITCHEN suggests client not to force-feed audience with hard facts in a linear way anymore.

Instead, KTICHEN has shot a series of video banners, each with a multiple-choice question of “How to get online?” in that particular situation. All answers are deemed to be hilarious, yet the point is to tempt audience to reveal the ad messages for themselves.


The result is surprisingly remarkable, with both click-through rate and recalling rate exceeding expectation ofeverybody, including ourselves.

Humour does pull.

Trying is believing : )

Effectiveness for PCCW Wireless

KITCHEN innovates disturbance-free banner ad placement

On top of its above-the-line campaign, PCCW needs online strength to forge its leadership position in providing wireless broadband service through its quadruple platform, namely netvigator Home Wireless service, PCCW WiFi hotspots, netvigator Everywhere and PCCW Mobile.

Simply put, “Connecting anywhere” is the ad message.

Since such “What to say” is so familiar, we definitely need an impactful “How to say” to draw the audience.

With “Crazy Ad” being the most widely used solution to make impact, KITCHEN sees intrinsic incompetence in it.

“To most internet viewers, a typical crazy ad is so disturbing. If not executed well, it, instead of drawing viewers, will block users from reading further, or worst of all, leads to closure of the ad before having any part of it read.”, says Allen Wong, Client Service Director of KITCHEN.

In view of this, KITCHEN goes for something far more effective.

The special banner placement enables viewers to drag, drop and swing the main character among 5 banner spaces to convey the seen-before “Connecting anywhere” message in an untried manner.

Play now to learn more!