Kam Fan Awards

KITCHEN is happy to win a Bronze for PCCW at Kam Fan Awards night.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To the honourable judges from around the world and of course our beloved client, PCCW.

Being the “Oscar of Advertising”, winning anything from Kam Fan Awards this year is extremely tough.

In the “Best Online Advertising” category, there were hundreds of entries from all over Hong Kong and Mainland China, yet only 2 entries were awarded.

And KITCHEN is luckily to be one of the two winners.

It’s a banner ad done for PCCW, to demonstrate the omnipresence of its Everywhere wireless broadband service.

Contrary to the “typical” solution, 5 banners, instead of one, were bought. Viewers were asked to drag the user featured in the ad among the 5 places to experience the “Everywhere” coverage of the service.

For details of this ad, please refer to KITCHEN’s previous post on 5 May, 2008.