KITCHEN’s hard work pays off with multiple awards!

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We are proud to announce that our 「Music 拍子Game」 App has not only been highly appreciated by Coca-Cola and its customers,  but also by the extremely demanding judges at the 2012 Kam Fan & MOB-EX Awards!

Details of the awards our and our client’s work won are as follows:

Kam Fan Awards 2012:

  • SILVER in “Media – Single – Best use of Branded Content, Product Placement, Experiental, Sponsorship, Stunts and Events”
  • SILVER in “Media – Single – Best use of Other Digital Platform (Including Mobile) “


MOB-EX Awards 2012:

  • GOLD in “Most Innovative use of Mobile”
  • GOLD in “Best App/Content by a Consumer Brand”
  • GOLD in “Best Integration of Mobile”
  • SILVER in “Most Creative App”
  • SILVER in “Best Direct Response Campaign”
  • SILVER in “Best User Experience”
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