Achieving Zen-like Serenity with SENKA’s Extra Foamy Face Wash

To help SENKA Perfect Whip to stand tall in the overcrowded skincare market by building an emotional connection between itself and its target consumers.

Planning & Execution
Stressing that life is “so much better with foamy refreshment”, we created 6 videos that underlined how SENKA’s uniquely indulgent formulation fostered a mindset that made it easier to overcome everyday struggles. The end result was an insightful online initiative that demonstrated how just one minute of SENKA-style relaxation was all it took to recover one’s inner calm when life didn’t quite go to plan.

Online Videos

Social Media Post


Earn your wings as a pilot in the Durex AIR Force

Create an interactive game to demonstrate how Durex AIR is the best gear to help men deliver unforgettable pleasure to their partners.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN has created a through-the-line campaign with TVCs, Outdoor and Online channels. The goal is show men the 5 features of Durex Air using an immersive virtual training course to become a Durex AIR Force pilot. By completing the course, men can master the great five powers of Durex AIR and receive a free trial pack so they can experience the benefits for themselves.


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Campaign Website
The campaign site can be accessed through both desktop and mobile platforms. Videos and all training sections can be played on mobile without opening any pop-up windows, which gives players a sleek, seamless experience.




Print Media



Beauty always blossoms with the frame of mind

Canon PowerShot G7X is the feminine sequel of G1X Mark II, which has enables capturing of conceptual images even in the dark.

The specially designed HTML5 website can bring out G7X’s product features in a highly interactive way. And surely it can engage female users by the attractive images and user experience. Check out the product site at

 PowerShot G7X


How #CanonFullFramer Rewrote the History Books!

With the growing popularity of digital cameras such as Canon’s 5D Mark III and Canon 6D, more and more photography fans are catching Full Frame fever!

Anticipating that competition between brands in this area would only intensify, Kitchen urged Canon to take the bold step of trying to “own” the Full Frame category! After all, unlike rival camera makers, Canon has been offering Full Frame cameras for high-end users since the very beginning.

Our strategy involved uniting all Canon Full Frame camera owners on and offline via the launch of a new creative platform called ‘#CanonFullFramer’.

The start of the initiative saw us build a crowd sourcing website whose instagram tagging feature, encouraged #canonfullframers to hashtag their photos and enter a photo competition.

The campaign’s second stage extended the Full Frame experience to all photography fans. All images entered by full-framers tag were subsequently judged by other members or visitors to the site.

Ultimately, more than 46,000 Full Frame photos were submitted and 1,500,000 views were generated, The 1,200 people who became judges eventually cast some 50,000 votes.

Such astonishing numbers not only ensured Canon Full Frame camera owners loved their cameras more, it made even more people want to join them!

The #CanonFullFramer initiative has now become yet another milestone in  the long partnership between Canon and Kitchen. Check the results out for yourself at!

Canon FullFramer Canon FullFramer


Warning! Kitchen has created this new online shopping platform from scratch for PayPal. From branding, interface & usability design, to  print and web advertising. It is proven to be highly addictive and may cause you to lose sleep trying to catch just one more glimpse of our expert designers’ gorgeous characters and layouts! I UNDERSTAND THE RISK!



Another shocking success tailored for SONY. KITCHEN extends one’s scary moments during Halloween.

Soft selling does shock. KITCHEN helps SONY impress audience with its new models of image and video cameras.

Riding on the craze at Ocean Park during Halloween, SONY builds 3 haunted houses there to respectively promote its all-new image capturing products from Cybershot, Handycam, and Alpha.

In one house, frightened faces of visitors are captured by Cybershot digital cameras. They can then download the photos at the Halloween mini site developed by KITCHEN.

In the second haunted house, a video clip is captured for every visitor by the latest model of Handycam. The video clips are all stored on the SONY pre-registration YouTube page where visitors can view their yell-like-hell moments as many time as they wish.

For the Alpha camera, a more engaging way is employed – A photo competition. People can upload pictures shot with SONY Alpha cam to a special site built by KITCHEN and wait for “The Judgment Day”.

Once and again, one doesn’t need a 3rd eye to tell this launch by KITCHEN is something more than a phantom success.