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12,896 Moms give thumbs up to MassMutual Facebook App

Remember those good old days you dreamed to be a TV star? Surprisingly, this still stands as the top dream for kids nowadays.   When KITCHEN helped MassMutual to launch a Facebook campaign to recruit children to star in their new TV Commercial. We received 12,896 users liked us, 5,284 users talked about us, and over 1,400 adorable kids’ audition photos received within 2 weeks.

Check out those cute faces and their lovely dreams at MassMutual dreams Facebook app and guess who will the next TV Star.





Thanks to all honorable judges and our beloved client, KITCHEN’s “Get More Likes withTX9” project is awarded GOLD in HKDA Global Design Awards 2011.

TX9 is also awarded for “Hong Kong Best” and ‘Judge’s Choice’  in New Media category.  Quoted from judge Mr. Kentaro Katsube; “Unique design like Facebook interface, the attractive casting and the structure in which prompt clicks. The balance between these factors connect with style and attractive communication.”

For details of this project, you can refer to our previous post “Sony, Kitchen, and 1,000s other like this” .


Get Real with Durex Furry Bunny!

For Durex new product Real Feel, KITCHEN has created a unique mascot called Furry Bunny, the new buddy of fun-loving men!

Durex Real Feel condom is the first Polyisoprene (PI) condom in HK market. PI material allows higher sensitivity second only to the natural skin on skin feeling with faster heat transfer, giving Real Feel users condom-less sensations.Furry Bunny is the best vehicle to communicate our message. Furry Bunny in Cantonese (毛兔) is conveniently an euphony of “condom-less” (無套). This helps build a strong correlation between Furry Bunny and the killer feature of Real Feel.

The cheeky and naughty image of Furry Bunny, on the other hand, is no less effective in drawing the audience’s attention.

The campaign is supported by 2 TVCs — a teaser and a main TVC, whose durations is 10s and 30s respectively.What’s more, the campaign is supported by 12 short videos entitled “Furry Bunny Theatre: 12 Horoscopes”. They are about 12 types of reaction from girlfriends dictated by zodiac force. The audience can get FREE Real Feel samples via Durex Real Feel’s Facebook tab. Lovers and partners usually know the zodiac sign of each other, they just can’t resist the invitation to see how the “girlfriend” reacts when asked to have sex without condom.