Earn your wings as a pilot in the Durex AIR Force

Create an interactive game to demonstrate how Durex AIR is the best gear to help men deliver unforgettable pleasure to their partners.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN has created a through-the-line campaign with TVCs, Outdoor and Online channels. The goal is show men the 5 features of Durex Air using an immersive virtual training course to become a Durex AIR Force pilot. By completing the course, men can master the great five powers of Durex AIR and receive a free trial pack so they can experience the benefits for themselves.


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Campaign Website
The campaign site can be accessed through both desktop and mobile platforms. Videos and all training sections can be played on mobile without opening any pop-up windows, which gives players a sleek, seamless experience.




Print Media



Feel like Durex!

Because customers are often confused about product features and cannot easily recognize them simply by looking at product packaging, we needed a way to differentiate Durex’s “Feeling” range of products.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN created a saying to differentiate product features and benefits with “reduplication” – in Cantonese 港式疊字 – to deliver the key message that “Durex’s ‘Feeling’ range has a product to fit my needs.” We also tried to strengthen the connection between the brand and our customers with a catchy, slightly naughty, tone. The goal was for consumers to remember the difference between the five products so they could make the right choice for themselves.


Durex Performan Scores Big at Awards Shows

Last year’s launch of Durex Performan was a huge hit in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.


A truly challenging project from initial pitch to launch day, the task involved not only tons of blood, sweat and tears but also many smiles. Having been showered with many coveted awards such as those below, the campaign’s eventual success made everyone’s hard work all the more worthwhile.

1. Effie Awards 2014 / Silver – Health & Hygienic Products

2. AOTY 2014 – MARKies / Best use of Integrated Media

3. AOTY 2014 – MARKies / Best Content Marketing

4. AOTY 2014 – MARKies / Best Experiential

5. AME Awards 2014 / Bronze – Branded Entertainment

6. 6th Internationalist Awards / Silver – Innovation in Media 

7. Cristal Festival 2013 / Sapphire –  Media Cristal- Men

8. Cristal Festival 2013 / Emerald – Media Cristal- Integrated Campaign

9. Marketing Excellence Awards 2013 by Marketing Magazine / Silver – Excellence in Branded Content

10. Marketing Excellence Awards 2013 by Marketing Magazine / Silver – Excellence in Media Strategy 


We hereby extend our heartfelt thanks to our open-minded client at Durex Hong Kong and all of the teammates who helped make this campaign happen!

It’s a movie. It’s Performan. It’s Performa!

Just like the title said so, KITCHEN created an illusion to promote Durex new condom line, Performa, and gave Hong Kong’s citizen an unforgettable surprise.

Durex is launching the new Performa condom in 2013. Priced for unlocking the secret to longer-lasting sex, this new addition is said to have a “desirable” effect on men’s performance in bed.

However, sex is still a taboo topic in the city which hinders the planning of an engaging campaign.

So we came up with the “Performan” campaign.

Capitalizing on the superhero movie frenzy, a pseudo movie “Performan” is created to arouse noise on social platform. A “trailer” is published on YouTube carrying neither product nor branding element.

Supported by media like theater, MTR billboard and newspaper, the promotion follows that of a real movie campaign to whet appetite. In just one week, the trailer generates 49,000 views and immediately becomes the talk of the town. Feedbacks and curiosity about the “movie” are overwhelming on social media, with discussions about watching it in the cinema.

On launch day, a much-anticipated 12-minute micro movie is posted on YouTube, with brand logo and product shots finally tagged to it, unveiling the playful association between Performan and the benefits of Performa.

In just a week, over 110,000 netizens have viewed the movie on YouTube.

The movie gets a mention in the newspapers, magazines and web blogs. By now, “Performan” has become a phenomenon.

The campaign culminates in an interactive TV commercial inviting everybody to become “Performan”. Participating audience can interact with the TVC with the complementing Performan smartphone App and become Performan by collecting “condoms”. Those who successfully catch a condom and become Performan can win free Performa condoms.

This last stage brings in 26,000 views and over 15,000 plays. In total, “Performan” has reached a larger audience of over 330,000 combining all the trailers, movie and media articles.

The Like count across local fan base on Durex’s facebook page is up 40%. The Performan campaign succeeds in helping Durex and Performa get a head start.

Click here to unveil the super power of Performan microfilm. Also, Performan case study video is ready for you too. Check out now!


Get Real with Durex Furry Bunny!

For Durex new product Real Feel, KITCHEN has created a unique mascot called Furry Bunny, the new buddy of fun-loving men!

Durex Real Feel condom is the first Polyisoprene (PI) condom in HK market. PI material allows higher sensitivity second only to the natural skin on skin feeling with faster heat transfer, giving Real Feel users condom-less sensations.Furry Bunny is the best vehicle to communicate our message. Furry Bunny in Cantonese (毛兔) is conveniently an euphony of “condom-less” (無套). This helps build a strong correlation between Furry Bunny and the killer feature of Real Feel.

The cheeky and naughty image of Furry Bunny, on the other hand, is no less effective in drawing the audience’s attention.

The campaign is supported by 2 TVCs — a teaser and a main TVC, whose durations is 10s and 30s respectively.What’s more, the campaign is supported by 12 short videos entitled “Furry Bunny Theatre: 12 Horoscopes”. They are about 12 types of reaction from girlfriends dictated by zodiac force. The audience can get FREE Real Feel samples via Durex Real Feel’s Facebook tab. Lovers and partners usually know the zodiac sign of each other, they just can’t resist the invitation to see how the “girlfriend” reacts when asked to have sex without condom.






Thanks to our beloved clients, media partners and judges, Durex Performan campaign has won double silver under “Excellence in Branded Content” and “Excellence in Media Strategy” in Marketing Excellence Awards 2013. This firm nod to our hard work means a great deal to the KITCHEN fellows. We will keep up our good work and look forward to celebrating more accolades to come in the future.