1 Mobile App. 5 Weeks. 9 Million Hits.

It’s hot and it’s a hit all over Hong Kong! This summer, we’ve once again created the loudest buzz in town with Coca Cola & McCann Erickson. The Coke Chok App.

We created this app where users can collect bottle cap from the TV commercial.

All they need to do is  to install the App and when they see the Coke bottle cap flying out from the TV commercial, they can ‘catch’ the bottle cap with their mobile phone and then shake (chok) the phone for a lucky draw.

WIthin the 5 weeks after the Chok App launched, an astonishing number of 384,470 unique users installed the app. A total of 8,953,919 draw request were record on our server.

The number says it all. It was a major success.

Check out our amazing app at here and shake your mobile next time the Coca Cola TV Commercial comes on!


“Catch” the beat with our latest Coca-Cola App

With the success of Coke Chok App  last year, this summer KITCHEN has once again created an addictive App game  for Coca Cola.

Play-along with the Cola-Coca TV commercial by tapping at the right beat with Eason Chan’s singing, 「Music 拍子Game」is a new interactive gaming experience combining Mobile App and TV Commercial.

Within just  3 days, the App became the top one free app in App store. Almost 200,000 installations within five weeks and more than 7,000,000 lucky draws were recorded.

Check out our amazing app and get your fingers ready to dance when the beat is on!  Both single-play and team-play options are available.

Download the App and play with the TVC now!

First time player please use this pin code: 123456789a.work_coke_content

KITCHEN’s hard work pays off with multiple awards!

We are proud to announce that our 「Music 拍子Game」 App has not only been highly appreciated by Coca-Cola and its customers,  but also by the extremely demanding judges at the 2012 Kam Fan & MOB-EX Awards!

Details of the awards our and our client’s work won are as follows:

Kam Fan Awards 2012:

  • SILVER in “Media – Single – Best use of Branded Content, Product Placement, Experiental, Sponsorship, Stunts and Events”
  • SILVER in “Media – Single – Best use of Other Digital Platform (Including Mobile) “


MOB-EX Awards 2012:

  • GOLD in “Most Innovative use of Mobile”
  • GOLD in “Best App/Content by a Consumer Brand”
  • GOLD in “Best Integration of Mobile”
  • SILVER in “Most Creative App”
  • SILVER in “Best Direct Response Campaign”
  • SILVER in “Best User Experience”