Imbuing Senka with Best of British Class and Japanese Zen!

To ensure Senka’s ingenious Perfect Aqua Rich Mask could turn heads in the Territory’s crowded facial mask market, our team lined up Uncle Siu, a local KOL renowned for his impeccable British accent. The end result proved to be an incredibly soothing experience for targets the length and breadth of Hong Kong.

Bomba Ad

Thematic 15s Video

Luminous Full Version

Extra Moist Full Version

How We Made it Happen
The Kitchen team commissioned two sympathetic videos in which Uncle Siu outlined the deep confusion most Hong Kong females feel about their daily lives. Using his trademark wise accent, our KOL explained how a minute of deep thinking can turn the situation around, just like how Senka masks’ 24-hour moisturising protection could calmed and gave users the confidence to face each busy day after just 10 minutes’ application. The spots ultimately succeeded in creating interactive experiences via which targets were able to unlock inner peace by calling and sharing their confusion with Uncle Siu over the phone.


Transforming Za Airy Foundation Into Everyone’s Darling!

Kitchen recently boosted the confidence of countless thousands of female Hongkongers in search of that elusive just-right natural look by telling them all about Za Cosmetic’s pioneering Airy Foundation.

How We Made it Happen
A series of compellingly relevant Instagram stories was created to seize and retain the attention of this hard-to-reach demographic. In highlighting relevant aspects from the life of a believably down-to-earth Hong Kong girl, our campaign emphasised Za Airy’s role as the foundation of choice for a new generation.

15s Thematic Video

Social Posts



ettusais’ “No-No-Oil Committee” is Waiting to Hear from You!

There’s nothing worse than having a shiny red face each time the summer sun comes out from behind the clouds. As the many Hongkongers who wrote in to Kitchen’s innovative “No No Oil Committee” for ettusais pore care skincare to share their most embarrassing oily experiences can testify!

The promotion’s winners were subsequently rewarded with a full set of exclusive pore care ettusais products to help them face summer with a fresh complexion!

How We Made it Happen
To engage the maximum number of image-conscious local youngsters, we tailored an Instagram-hosted campaign that asked targets to share their “oily stories” via a hashtag matching their social media profiles. A series of breezy social posts and an attention-grabbing short video then helped to intensify users excitement to red-hot levels.

Key Visual

Product Style Shot

Thematic Video 30s

Feature Video 15s (Jelly Mousse)

Feature Video 15s (Oil Block Base)

Feature Video 15s (Oil Block Foundation)


Canon My Beauty Sustaining Campaign

After Canon introduced the concept of “Discover your unique beauty” with EOS M100, the “Canon My Beauty” Instagram account has been created to inspire local female to start capturing beautiful moments from everyday life. Kitchen kickstarted the project featuring 3 females influencers whom behold their unique perspective to beauty.

Planning and Execution
A series of videos and social posts have been created, featuring Jessie Lam, a female basketball athlete; Sharlene Wong, a female gymnast and Rita Lee, a Chinese Calligrapher. Showcasing how each of them against all odds to following their passion and discovered their very own unique beauty.

EOS M100 – Discover Your Unique Beauty – Lam Lam Jessie

EOS M100 – Discover Your Unique Beauty – Sharlene

EOS M100 Product Video


My Rimowa My Show Time!

To showcase RIMOWA as a much-loved brand that people are proud of, we inspired owners to unleash their art and creativity by customising their own RIMOWA.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN helped RIMOWA create their yearly regional campaign – “Show Your Rimowa 2016” – with local singer/songwriter Jason Chan, film director Adam Wong, and cross-media artist Kearan Pang.
We helped create short videos tailored to the personality and profession of each of these three artists to tell their personal RIMOWA stories – with the aim of inspiring people to decorate and share their own RIMOWAs.

My Rimowa My Groove
Jason Chan is a popular Hong Kong singer/songwriter who enjoys jamming with music lovers around the world. To help him do this, we converted his Rimowa into a mobile busking percussion set so that he can play everywhere he goes.

My Rimowa My Vision
Adam Wong is an award-winning, Hong Kong–based film director (HKFA – Best New Director 2014). He travels a lot for inspiration and takes many film clips for creative reference. We turned his RIMOWA into a camera dolly to help him smoothly capture all the right moments when he sees a hint of his next blockbuster.

My Rimowa My Motto
Kearen Pang is a talented cross-media artist who is constantly evolving. From performing on stage to scriptwriting to film directing, Kearen always strives to better herself creatively. Her Rimowa is decorated with her personal motto which she carries with her all over the world and through all the stages of her professional career.


KOL Teaser

Social Media Content

works_rimowa_main_02 works_rimowa_main_03 works_rimowa_main_04

Campaign Site


Durex Performan Scores Big at Awards Shows

Last year’s launch of Durex Performan was a huge hit in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.


A truly challenging project from initial pitch to launch day, the task involved not only tons of blood, sweat and tears but also many smiles. Having been showered with many coveted awards such as those below, the campaign’s eventual success made everyone’s hard work all the more worthwhile.

1. Effie Awards 2014 / Silver – Health & Hygienic Products

2. AOTY 2014 – MARKies / Best use of Integrated Media

3. AOTY 2014 – MARKies / Best Content Marketing

4. AOTY 2014 – MARKies / Best Experiential

5. AME Awards 2014 / Bronze – Branded Entertainment

6. 6th Internationalist Awards / Silver – Innovation in Media 

7. Cristal Festival 2013 / Sapphire –  Media Cristal- Men

8. Cristal Festival 2013 / Emerald – Media Cristal- Integrated Campaign

9. Marketing Excellence Awards 2013 by Marketing Magazine / Silver – Excellence in Branded Content

10. Marketing Excellence Awards 2013 by Marketing Magazine / Silver – Excellence in Media Strategy 


We hereby extend our heartfelt thanks to our open-minded client at Durex Hong Kong and all of the teammates who helped make this campaign happen!

How #CanonFullFramer Rewrote the History Books!

With the growing popularity of digital cameras such as Canon’s 5D Mark III and Canon 6D, more and more photography fans are catching Full Frame fever!

Anticipating that competition between brands in this area would only intensify, Kitchen urged Canon to take the bold step of trying to “own” the Full Frame category! After all, unlike rival camera makers, Canon has been offering Full Frame cameras for high-end users since the very beginning.

Our strategy involved uniting all Canon Full Frame camera owners on and offline via the launch of a new creative platform called ‘#CanonFullFramer’.

The start of the initiative saw us build a crowd sourcing website whose instagram tagging feature, encouraged #canonfullframers to hashtag their photos and enter a photo competition.

The campaign’s second stage extended the Full Frame experience to all photography fans. All images entered by full-framers tag were subsequently judged by other members or visitors to the site.

Ultimately, more than 46,000 Full Frame photos were submitted and 1,500,000 views were generated, The 1,200 people who became judges eventually cast some 50,000 votes.

Such astonishing numbers not only ensured Canon Full Frame camera owners loved their cameras more, it made even more people want to join them!

The #CanonFullFramer initiative has now become yet another milestone in  the long partnership between Canon and Kitchen. Check the results out for yourself at!

Canon FullFramer Canon FullFramer

Be a world lover, form your team to cheer for the Earth in CLP Green Park!

If you love our planet, you definitely can’t miss our CLP Green Park campaign. To celebrate the United Nations International Year of Biodiversity, CLP has launched a 5-year tree planting programme to raise awareness about the importance of preserving the world’s natural treasures.

KITCHEN built a vivid Green Park, inviting everyone who loves the Earth to join this exciting campaign. In the Park, you can customize your unique character and plant a tree. To form your cheering team, simply share with your friends the blog toy provided. They will be one of your team to love the world and their characters will also be shown in your blog toy.

For every virtual tree planted, CLP will donate HK$5 for supporting green projects throughout the Asia-Pacific region.

 CLP Green Park

It’s a movie. It’s Performan. It’s Performa!

Just like the title said so, KITCHEN created an illusion to promote Durex new condom line, Performa, and gave Hong Kong’s citizen an unforgettable surprise.

Durex is launching the new Performa condom in 2013. Priced for unlocking the secret to longer-lasting sex, this new addition is said to have a “desirable” effect on men’s performance in bed.

However, sex is still a taboo topic in the city which hinders the planning of an engaging campaign.

So we came up with the “Performan” campaign.

Capitalizing on the superhero movie frenzy, a pseudo movie “Performan” is created to arouse noise on social platform. A “trailer” is published on YouTube carrying neither product nor branding element.

Supported by media like theater, MTR billboard and newspaper, the promotion follows that of a real movie campaign to whet appetite. In just one week, the trailer generates 49,000 views and immediately becomes the talk of the town. Feedbacks and curiosity about the “movie” are overwhelming on social media, with discussions about watching it in the cinema.

On launch day, a much-anticipated 12-minute micro movie is posted on YouTube, with brand logo and product shots finally tagged to it, unveiling the playful association between Performan and the benefits of Performa.

In just a week, over 110,000 netizens have viewed the movie on YouTube.

The movie gets a mention in the newspapers, magazines and web blogs. By now, “Performan” has become a phenomenon.

The campaign culminates in an interactive TV commercial inviting everybody to become “Performan”. Participating audience can interact with the TVC with the complementing Performan smartphone App and become Performan by collecting “condoms”. Those who successfully catch a condom and become Performan can win free Performa condoms.

This last stage brings in 26,000 views and over 15,000 plays. In total, “Performan” has reached a larger audience of over 330,000 combining all the trailers, movie and media articles.

The Like count across local fan base on Durex’s facebook page is up 40%. The Performan campaign succeeds in helping Durex and Performa get a head start.

Click here to unveil the super power of Performan microfilm. Also, Performan case study video is ready for you too. Check out now!


Kitchen becomes wind beneath DBS’ wings in summer campaign

Summer is the season for shopping and vacation. With this in mind, DBS sets out to give away air tickets as the welcome gift for successful credit card applications. This would prove an opportune campaign if only customers, instead of other banks offering similar premium, see the sparkle in it.

This is where KITCHEN steps in. A game booth, three meters in height and with 2 screens showcasing imagery of an airport, is installed in the heart of Causeway Bay during weekends. Passersby can connect their mobiles with the screens and launch virtual paper planes with their mobiles. Players successfully launching their planes onto designated spots can instantly win gifts including air tickets, shopping vouchers, etc.

The campaign draws in over 200,000 plays in 4 weeks, thereby helping DBS summer promotion stand out from the rest.