A New Shopping Experience for ITOYA, Japan

We created an innovative retail solution that seamlessly connects online and offline shopping experiences at ITOYA, a stationary and lifestyle store established in 1904 in Ginza, Japan.

Planning and Execution
Many retailers today have both online and offline shopping platforms, but seldom are the two platforms intelligently connected to each other. At ITOYA, we made it happen with USXS (Unifying Shopping Experience System). Where we integrate the shopping process with a custom-made mobile App and an interactive mirror (iMirror).


The App
Using the app, customers can easily get information on each of the products in the store. They can then save it for later purchase or add the product to their virtual shopping cart, which saves having to carry the product around with them while they’re shopping. For retailers, the demands on on-site staff are reduced, thus minimizing costs.


When visitors bring a product near iMirror, it displays information related to that product. Visitors can add the product to their virtual shopping cart, or take a picture and share it with their friends on social media. Customers can make purchases at any time and then collect their purchases in the store or arrange delivery.


USXS – Unifying Shopping Experience System
The USXS was developed and engineererd by Kitchen for 12 Japan and ITOYA, and can be tailored to other retail-shopping environments. For more information, please contact us for details.


Pay anywhere, anytime, with the new JetcoPay

To launch an entirely new P2P cash transfer smartphone app and boost user downloads.

Planning and Execution
KITCHEN helped create a key visual for JetcoPay and set up an easy-to-use product website that showed potential users the functions of the new app before they downloaded it. We also created a video to make it easy to understand it all in less than a minute.

– Key Visual

– App Introduction Video

– Product Website


KITCHEN’s hard work pays off with multiple awards!

We are proud to announce that our 「Music 拍子Game」 App has not only been highly appreciated by Coca-Cola and its customers,  but also by the extremely demanding judges at the 2012 Kam Fan & MOB-EX Awards!

Details of the awards our and our client’s work won are as follows:

Kam Fan Awards 2012:

  • SILVER in “Media – Single – Best use of Branded Content, Product Placement, Experiental, Sponsorship, Stunts and Events”
  • SILVER in “Media – Single – Best use of Other Digital Platform (Including Mobile) “


MOB-EX Awards 2012:

  • GOLD in “Most Innovative use of Mobile”
  • GOLD in “Best App/Content by a Consumer Brand”
  • GOLD in “Best Integration of Mobile”
  • SILVER in “Most Creative App”
  • SILVER in “Best Direct Response Campaign”
  • SILVER in “Best User Experience”