Imbuing Senka with Best of British Class and Japanese Zen!

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To ensure Senka’s ingenious Perfect Aqua Rich Mask could turn heads in the Territory’s crowded facial mask market, our team lined up Uncle Siu, a local KOL renowned for his impeccable British accent. The end result proved to be an incredibly soothing experience for targets the length and breadth of Hong Kong.

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Thematic 15s Video

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How We Made it Happen
The Kitchen team commissioned two sympathetic videos in which Uncle Siu outlined the deep confusion most Hong Kong females feel about their daily lives. Using his trademark wise accent, our KOL explained how a minute of deep thinking can turn the situation around, just like how Senka masks’ 24-hour moisturising protection could calmed and gave users the confidence to face each busy day after just 10 minutes’ application. The spots ultimately succeeded in creating interactive experiences via which targets were able to unlock inner peace by calling and sharing their confusion with Uncle Siu over the phone.


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