SONY entrusted KITCHEN with an insurmountable task. KITCHEN delivered on time, with miraculous results.

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A through-the-line campaign that make passers-by stop for the new Walkman.

It’s not a SONY digital camera. It’s a SONY Walkman digital. And what we’ve come up is an event of pictures.

We’re not drunk.The product we need to launch is the all new SONY Walkman digital, with innumerable design casings for users to change, just like fashion accessories.SONY demands no less than 1,000 photos taken, plus to drive visitors to its revamped flagship showroom.


And wraps around the various items of the whole campaign with one single word that reflects the product’s essence,Match.

While most photo submission websites wait passively for people to upload, we lure people to visit our site spontaneously.

By putting them centre stage. 5 gorgeous fashion models ask people to take pictures with them in the shopping hub of Causeway Bay. Once done, the models will ask them to visit the revamped showroom nearby as well as the website from time to time to see how great they look.

It is human psychology that:

  1. You will always look for yourself in a group photo and;
  2. When you are photographed, you always want to see if you’re looking good in the picture.

Results? Extremely successful!

  • We captured over 1500 photos (i.e. 1.5 times of client’s benchmark) in just 6 hours;
  • Huge traffic was driven to the Sony showroom, with instant purchases and innumerable subscriptions for the limited edition model;
  • Before the site was lived, countless people couldn’t wait to call the SONY hotline to ask when they could see their own pictures online.


And to achieve such miraculous results, it took a marketing event, promotion collaterals, a minisite, online ads…All done and delivered in less than 2 weeks.

Surreal? Yes.

Impossible? No. Well, at least not to KITCHEN.

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