And the award goes to… Ori!

Let’s give a round of applause to our technology team! KITCHEN are proud to announce that our Ori Mobile App and our Instant Photo Machine “The Ori Dream Home Moment!” for The Nan Fung Group, has each won a MOB-EX Award this year!

Details of the awards are as follows:
MOB-EX Awards 2017:
– SILVER in “Most Innovative Use of Mobile Technology”
– BRONZE in “Best App – Branded Content”

To find out more about the project, check out here.

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Kitchen wins a bigger Yahoo! Big Idea Chair this year!

We are happy to announce that Kitchen has won the “Best Rich Media Ad Award” in the YAHOO! Big Idea Chair Award 2014!

Thanks to the trust of our client Canon Hong Kong, who has always been supportive with innovative ideas. This award is a big bonus to our team who is always hungry to creating highly interactive campaigns and we look forward to creating more award winning works for Canon Hong Kong!

Durex Performan Scores Big at Awards Shows

Last year’s launch of Durex Performan was a huge hit in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.


A truly challenging project from initial pitch to launch day, the task involved not only tons of blood, sweat and tears but also many smiles. Having been showered with many coveted awards such as those below, the campaign’s eventual success made everyone’s hard work all the more worthwhile.

1. Effie Awards 2014 / Silver – Health & Hygienic Products

2. AOTY 2014 – MARKies / Best use of Integrated Media

3. AOTY 2014 – MARKies / Best Content Marketing

4. AOTY 2014 – MARKies / Best Experiential

5. AME Awards 2014 / Bronze – Branded Entertainment

6. 6th Internationalist Awards / Silver – Innovation in Media 

7. Cristal Festival 2013 / Sapphire –  Media Cristal- Men

8. Cristal Festival 2013 / Emerald – Media Cristal- Integrated Campaign

9. Marketing Excellence Awards 2013 by Marketing Magazine / Silver – Excellence in Branded Content

10. Marketing Excellence Awards 2013 by Marketing Magazine / Silver – Excellence in Media Strategy 


We hereby extend our heartfelt thanks to our open-minded client at Durex Hong Kong and all of the teammates who helped make this campaign happen!

KITCHEN is happy to win a Bronze for PCCW at Kam Fan Awards night.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

To the honourable judges from around the world and of course our beloved client, PCCW.

Being the “Oscar of Advertising”, winning anything from Kam Fan Awards this year is extremely tough.

In the “Best Online Advertising” category, there were hundreds of entries from all over Hong Kong and Mainland China, yet only 2 entries were awarded.

And KITCHEN is luckily to be one of the two winners.

It’s a banner ad done for PCCW, to demonstrate the omnipresence of its Everywhere wireless broadband service.

Contrary to the “typical” solution, 5 banners, instead of one, were bought. Viewers were asked to drag the user featured in the ad among the 5 places to experience the “Everywhere” coverage of the service.

For details of this ad, please refer to KITCHEN’s previous post on 5 May, 2008.

Can an agency be judged by its cover? 4 new designs of business cards just come out hot from KITCHEN.

In a planet overloaded with information, KITCHEN believes business cards are to make unforgettable first impression instead of merely giving out phone numbers and email addresses.

For a place selling ideas, we want to amplify that everything made in KITCHEN is guaranteed fresh. Hence a sets of 4 designs (for each KITCHEN employee) are created as the 2nd episode of food items, namely deep fried crab claw, century egg, egg tart and shrimp dumpling.

Hungry for one?


Thanks to all honorable judges and our beloved client, KITCHEN’s “Get More Likes withTX9” project is awarded GOLD in HKDA Global Design Awards 2011.

TX9 is also awarded for “Hong Kong Best” and ‘Judge’s Choice’  in New Media category.  Quoted from judge Mr. Kentaro Katsube; “Unique design like Facebook interface, the attractive casting and the structure in which prompt clicks. The balance between these factors connect with style and attractive communication.”

For details of this project, you can refer to our previous post “Sony, Kitchen, and 1,000s other like this” .


KITCHEN’s hard work pays off with multiple awards!

We are proud to announce that our 「Music 拍子Game」 App has not only been highly appreciated by Coca-Cola and its customers,  but also by the extremely demanding judges at the 2012 Kam Fan & MOB-EX Awards!

Details of the awards our and our client’s work won are as follows:

Kam Fan Awards 2012:

  • SILVER in “Media – Single – Best use of Branded Content, Product Placement, Experiental, Sponsorship, Stunts and Events”
  • SILVER in “Media – Single – Best use of Other Digital Platform (Including Mobile) “


MOB-EX Awards 2012:

  • GOLD in “Most Innovative use of Mobile”
  • GOLD in “Best App/Content by a Consumer Brand”
  • GOLD in “Best Integration of Mobile”
  • SILVER in “Most Creative App”
  • SILVER in “Best Direct Response Campaign”
  • SILVER in “Best User Experience”

Kitchen got seated in the Yahoo! Big Idea Chair this year

Here is some good news for those who burn midnight oil making countless interactive online banners. In the early November, we were invited, not without surprise, to the YAHOO! Big Idea Chair award dinner, thanks to an interactive banner for Canon PowerShot S110 envisaged, of course, by us earlier this year. The nomination for “Best Rich Media Ad Award” launched all our designers on cloud nine.

Amidst the applauses of our beloved clients and excellent advertisers, the PowerShot S110 Online Launch Campaign received mention in Best Rich Media Ad Awards. Courtesy of Yahoo! and the judges’ appreciation for our hard work, the award is a tremendous morale booster to our “banner-bearers”.



Thanks to our beloved clients, media partners and judges, Durex Performan campaign has won double silver under “Excellence in Branded Content” and “Excellence in Media Strategy” in Marketing Excellence Awards 2013. This firm nod to our hard work means a great deal to the KITCHEN fellows. We will keep up our good work and look forward to celebrating more accolades to come in the future.