Imbuing Senka with Best of British Class and Japanese Zen!

To ensure Senka’s ingenious Perfect Aqua Rich Mask could turn heads in the Territory’s crowded facial mask market, our team lined up Uncle Siu, a local KOL renowned for his impeccable British accent. The end result proved to be an incredibly soothing experience for targets the length and breadth of Hong Kong.

Bomba Ad

Thematic 15s Video

Luminous Full Version

Extra Moist Full Version

How We Made it Happen
The Kitchen team commissioned two sympathetic videos in which Uncle Siu outlined the deep confusion most Hong Kong females feel about their daily lives. Using his trademark wise accent, our KOL explained how a minute of deep thinking can turn the situation around, just like how Senka masks’ 24-hour moisturising protection could calmed and gave users the confidence to face each busy day after just 10 minutes’ application. The spots ultimately succeeded in creating interactive experiences via which targets were able to unlock inner peace by calling and sharing their confusion with Uncle Siu over the phone.


Transforming Za Airy Foundation Into Everyone’s Darling!

Kitchen recently boosted the confidence of countless thousands of female Hongkongers in search of that elusive just-right natural look by telling them all about Za Cosmetic’s pioneering Airy Foundation.

How We Made it Happen
A series of compellingly relevant Instagram stories was created to seize and retain the attention of this hard-to-reach demographic. In highlighting relevant aspects from the life of a believably down-to-earth Hong Kong girl, our campaign emphasised Za Airy’s role as the foundation of choice for a new generation.

15s Thematic Video

Social Posts



ettusais’ “No-No-Oil Committee” is Waiting to Hear from You!

There’s nothing worse than having a shiny red face each time the summer sun comes out from behind the clouds. As the many Hongkongers who wrote in to Kitchen’s innovative “No No Oil Committee” for ettusais pore care skincare to share their most embarrassing oily experiences can testify!

The promotion’s winners were subsequently rewarded with a full set of exclusive pore care ettusais products to help them face summer with a fresh complexion!

How We Made it Happen
To engage the maximum number of image-conscious local youngsters, we tailored an Instagram-hosted campaign that asked targets to share their “oily stories” via a hashtag matching their social media profiles. A series of breezy social posts and an attention-grabbing short video then helped to intensify users excitement to red-hot levels.

Key Visual

Product Style Shot

Thematic Video 30s

Feature Video 15s (Jelly Mousse)

Feature Video 15s (Oil Block Base)

Feature Video 15s (Oil Block Foundation)


Canon My Beauty Sustaining Campaign

After Canon introduced the concept of “Discover your unique beauty” with EOS M100, the “Canon My Beauty” Instagram account has been created to inspire local female to start capturing beautiful moments from everyday life. Kitchen kickstarted the project featuring 3 females influencers whom behold their unique perspective to beauty.

Planning and Execution
A series of videos and social posts have been created, featuring Jessie Lam, a female basketball athlete; Sharlene Wong, a female gymnast and Rita Lee, a Chinese Calligrapher. Showcasing how each of them against all odds to following their passion and discovered their very own unique beauty.

EOS M100 – Discover Your Unique Beauty – Lam Lam Jessie

EOS M100 – Discover Your Unique Beauty – Sharlene

EOS M100 Product Video


Explore Old Town Central – Immerse yourself into to the good old days

An interactive art installation that brings a hand-draw map to life, allows audience to explore streets and alleys of Central by just a wave of hand.

Planning & Execution
Another unique experience presented by Kitchen team, combining technology with stunning illustration from local artist, Flyingpig, we invite audience to virtually visit some favourite hotspots in Central.


Kadoorie – Santa shines his light at St. George’s building

To celebrate Xmas with an interactive light show at the lobby of St. George’s Building, which put a smile to everybody’s face during this graceful season.

Planning & Execution
With the use of motion sensors and projectors, elves from Kitchen brought an interactive experience to St. George’s building. By just a touch on the wall, audience could animate any parts of this giant Xmas card and learn the history of the Kadoorie family. And more importantly, it fuels the Christmas spirit among this business district by light and joy.

FWD Life Impact Reliever – Introducing a ground-breaking concept of life protection

The campaign aims to introduce FWD’s new concept of life protection products to Hong Kong audience

Planning & Execution
Beside an enormous amount of out-of-home advertisements, lots of social media posts are also strategically produced to bring awareness to this new product of FWD insurance. Down-to-earth tone and manner is used to explain this new concept and successfully arose interest on social media platform.

Canon Unveils Local Female’s Unique Beauty

“Canon My Beauty” is an online community we created for Canon Hong Kong, aimed to establish female photography as an art form in its own right. Our efforts here were focused on encouraging local women to take photos that brought alive their thoughts and stories. Along the way, we also positioned the brand’s latest EOS M100 camera as a must-have photographic tool for trend-setting targets.

Planning and Execution
Kitchen enabled the client to achieve its desired marketing goal via an integrated “Discover Your Unique Beauty” product promotion that introduced the Canon Girls’ photographic community. A series of key visuals and short videos then showcased how the Canon EOS M100 camera empowered girls about town to discover and express their unique beauty and inner femininity.

EOS M100 – Discover Your Unique Beauty – Hanna Chan

EOS M100 – Discover Your Unique Beauty – Gladys Li

Key Visual

OOH – Bus Body

OOH – Wall Sticker at Causeway Bay MTR stationCWB POW #D2-mockup

Achieving Zen-like Serenity with SENKA’s Extra Foamy Face Wash

To help SENKA Perfect Whip to stand tall in the overcrowded skincare market by building an emotional connection between itself and its target consumers.

Planning & Execution
Stressing that life is “so much better with foamy refreshment”, we created 6 videos that underlined how SENKA’s uniquely indulgent formulation fostered a mindset that made it easier to overcome everyday struggles. The end result was an insightful online initiative that demonstrated how just one minute of SENKA-style relaxation was all it took to recover one’s inner calm when life didn’t quite go to plan.

Online Videos

Social Media Post